Several opportunities of outside activities are ripe for the taking in Périgord Noir


To get a successful hiking, you have to dream it first. Imagine it, following its path on the map with your finger and finally…finnaly yield to the sweet call of the curves of the path.

In Périgord Noir, the harmony of the lanscapes is so deep that it is difficult to resist the permanent invitation given to us by the trails. If you wish it, they’ll be your breadcrumps through the pechs and combes (hills and valleys), uplands and forests.


Numerous ports of canoes mark out the rivers of Vézère and Dordogne, offering days of atheltic relaxation surrounded by the patrimony of Périgord Noir.

Tree Climbing

Several Tree Climlbing parks give you the opportunity to thrill among the trees.

Stroll in Gabarre

Choose the boat of your dreams to visit your favourite places in Périgord. Sail on water, share your feelings with the captain discover the secrets of the rivers of Périgord. Don’t hesitate to make a reservation fast, especially in Summer, by contacting the place of your choosing !

28 March 2018


28 March 2018
la roque gageac

La Roque Gageac

28 March 2018
grottes de lascaux


28 March 2018

Les Eyzizes de Tayac-Sireuil

28 March 2018


28 March 2018
castelnaud la chapelle

Castelnaud la Chapelle

28 March 2018


28 March 2018

Activities in Périgord Noir

28 March 2018

The Montignac’s Festival

28 March 2018

The Market