Fully equiped, a surface of 85m²


Minimum surface of 100m²


For 5 or 6 persons, 25m² to 29m²


5 or 6 persons, surface of 35²

Around 1281 Philippe III aka “le hardi” decided to create a walled town on that cliff 150m high above the river of Dordogne. The walled town was built according to “norms”, from a regular plan, streets crossing at 90° angles, squares, a hall etc. Through restaurations, this walled village survived and is still the witness of the riches of its past.

The most imposing vestiges of this military aspect, make the walled village of Domme a remarkable site. The high walls around the village, different gates that used to allow its access, are still largely present in a fantastic state. The most impressive one is without a doubt, la Porte des Tours, that show how much the king wanted to disconcert assailants through the esthetics imposed to the builders of these fortifications.

28 March 2018


In the East of the great Aquitaine region, close to the valley of Dordogne, Sarlat, capital city of Périgord Noir, is located in the heart of […]
28 March 2018

La Roque Gageac

The village of la Roque-Gageac, rates among the most beautiful villages in France, is nested between its cliff and the river Dordogne. It benefits of an […]
28 March 2018


The cave of Lascaux is a prehistorical cave discovered in 1940 by 4 teenagers in Montignac, Dordogne, in the valley of Vézère. Starting 1948, the site […]
28 March 2018

Les Eyzizes de Tayac-Sireuil

World capital of the Préhistoire The town of Eyzies de Tayac-Sireuil has numerous attractions : a troglodyte architecture so unique, an exceptional natural space, true conviviality […]
28 March 2018


Around 1281 Philippe III aka “le hardi” decided to create a walled town on that cliff 150m high above the river of Dordogne. The walled town […]
28 March 2018

Castelnaud la Chapelle

Castelnaud-la-Chapelle is a town located in the heart of Périgord Noir, in the department of Dordogne (Aquitaine region). The village of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle is part of the […]
28 March 2018


The little village of Beynac in Périgord, one of the most beautiful villages of France, peaks on a rock pierced with caves, surrounding it with its […]
28 March 2018

Activities in Périgord Noir

Several opportunities of outside activities are ripe for the taking in Périgord Noir Hiking To get a successful hiking, you have to dream it first. Imagine […]
28 March 2018

The Montignac’s Festival

The Montignac’s festival has been launched every year for 37 years, it is the opportunity to share an eventful week full of emotions, friendly encounters, musical […]
28 March 2018

The Market

There are plenty of local producer’s markets in Périgord Noir, offering typical specialties of the region. This is an opportunity to just walk around in a […]